The Stoner Currently Vol. 3

smoking some Zkittlez and J-1. I really like the high from this and recently someone on IG asked me to try some Mochi. I love it when people suggest things for me to smoke.
rolling on Jucy J’s because sometimes sweet tasting paper is what you need. Blunts are also good. I love blunts.
craving for new strains to smoke. Something fruity and sweet. Maybe I want some Birthday Cake or Turtle Pie too.
reading an article about Kierkegaard and some user experience articles.
writing a post on my main blog and wondering if people really follow recipes. I don’t follow recipes, tbh. I barely have any of the ingredients anyway and most of the time recipes don’t come out right the second or third time.
listening to my husband talk to his friends while playing video games.
thinking that maybe I should try dabbing. Maybe I’ll get over the fact that I am addicted to tasting flower and not the high.
smelling my hair. I have nothing to smell so I smelled my hair.
wearing a black v-neck shirt and boyshorts with rose prints on them.
loving the idea that I can work on projects now.
feeling hungry and anxious. I think I need to eat something since I haven’t eaten a lot. Also, it might be the caffeine from drinking too much Dutch Bros.

[Originally The Sunday Currently by Sidda Thornton]

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