About Me


Bay Area, CA | Porch Bum | Space Alien

Dominique is a creative residing in San Francisco, CA. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from SF State University with focus on Poetry. Her work, in a sense, is an attempt at what she calls ‘pata-fiction’ after pataphysics. Why? Because she thinks she’s funny and absurd… or at least her works are. Like the absurd, she is inglorious and shameless, and loves the idea of typing in third person just so she feels like she’s not bragging. Dominique’s works appeared in various writing journals and is a recipient of several awards for her writing (when she’s not writhing in insecurity).

In her spare time she is the mother of insectivores, succulents, and proto-carnivores. Other interests include philology, mastering the art of Asian-American eating, and taxidermy. Someday she’d like to study plant life but for now she’s busy with boring adult things.

This [space] is an attempt at making things whole – or if not, it is, at least an exercise in writing paragraphs.

Say “Hi!” : dmnquesnts@gmail.com