The Stoner Currently Vol. 4

smoking Purple Goo from Headwaters bought from Eaze.
rolling on some Backwoods. The stout ones are easier to roll because they’re pretty sticky and don’t need licking.
craving for an adventure. Maybe another run at Moon Gate or something that will make me skinny.
reading an article called From “The Hatred of Poetry” by Ben Lerner
writing some notes on Paradise Lost but I guess I’m reading the Iliad now after getting really mad at the Netflix series Troy: Fall of a City. More notes shall appear and possibly drafting something for my UX / UI project.
listening to the fan and Arvo Paart play alongside each other. I know, I am kind of an uppity cretin.
thinking of things to put on my unfinished UX/ UI project. I planned on doing some UX Sketch exercises because I really like doodling and using diagrams.
smelling my hand. They smell like Rice Krispies.
wearing a white shirt and leggings. I’m watching The Office while wearing it.
loving how I calmed down and learned to accept my failures. I saw a cheesy quote on IG that said success isn’t about hustling — it’s taking your time and giving yourself rest, etc.
feeling hungry, as usual.

[Originally The Sunday Currently by Sidda Thornton]

The Stoner Currently Vol. 3

smoking some Zkittlez and J-1. I really like the high from this and recently someone on IG asked me to try some Mochi. I love it when people suggest things for me to smoke.
rolling on Jucy J’s because sometimes sweet tasting paper is what you need. Blunts are also good. I love blunts.
craving for new strains to smoke. Something fruity and sweet. Maybe I want some Birthday Cake or Turtle Pie too.
reading an article about Kierkegaard and some user experience articles.
writing a post on my main blog and wondering if people really follow recipes. I don’t follow recipes, tbh. I barely have any of the ingredients anyway and most of the time recipes don’t come out right the second or third time.
listening to my husband talk to his friends while playing video games.
thinking that maybe I should try dabbing. Maybe I’ll get over the fact that I am addicted to tasting flower and not the high.
smelling my hair. I have nothing to smell so I smelled my hair.
wearing a black v-neck shirt and boyshorts with rose prints on them.
loving the idea that I can work on projects now.
feeling hungry and anxious. I think I need to eat something since I haven’t eaten a lot. Also, it might be the caffeine from drinking too much Dutch Bros.

[Originally The Sunday Currently by Sidda Thornton]

Stoner Currently vol. 2

smoking a blend of weed I had left over from the past week. Sometimes it’s inevitable to just have a bunch of left over weed when you run a cannabis daily project.
rolling on some Raw Papers and Trip papers. I prefer the cellophane ones because you can taste the cannabis better.
craving for some Koko Nuggz. Those things are seriously addicting and they taste so good. I can’t even.
reading random articles on the internet – like poetry – because it’s been a long time and I just need to retrain myself into liking it so I can write it. Seriously.
writing some new articles for the blog I’m contributing to. I don’t have any new material so I guess I’ll just review some weed looking non-edibles.
listening to the fan. It’s really hot here and I’m seriously feeling that I need to sleep. I was listening to some glam rock an hour ago.
thinking that I should just finish my portfolio and stop watching Cheers because Diane is really annoying. I hate the episodes where Sam and her try to hookup.
smelling the outside world. It smells like fire place and it’s nice and cozy. I wish we used ours but we don’t because Filipinos are kind of cheapasses. Lol! I’m talkin’ ‘bout you, mom!
wearing a shirt and pajama bottoms.
loving the fact that I’m not loving anything right now. But hey, I am loving the progress I’m trying to make with my portfolio.
feeling annoyed and hopeless. Please. Just please. Let something good happen this week. I just really need this to get out of this place.

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Stoner Currently vol. 1

smoking Grape Jelly Donut and indica from Urban Pharm located somewhere in the Mission in San Francisco.
rolling I rolled it on a Very Cherry Juicy J.
craving for some jelly doughnut. But it’s not as bad as the high from Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake to be honest.
reading Milk Wars issue # 1 from DC’s Young Animal publication. So far, it fucking sucks and I do not know why I even bother with it. I’ll be making a review of it soon, I just need to compose my thoughts and keep my arguments in check.
writing a story on a yellow pad I got from FedEx. I need to write an e-mail to a cannabis journal I’m excited to contribute to. I also need to send some e-mails regarding this new career.
listening to some lattes being made at a gasoline station Starbucks. Now they’re making Frappuccinos so it’s the blender now. Coffee Shop noise is the best. Even bro-shouting bro-y things is appealing.
thinking that I can make it with freelancing. I just need to calm the fuck down and actually work hard on my portfolio. I actually opened Photoshop and I’m about to practice some stuff on it.
smelling coffee. I can’t believe I used to smell this everyday and find no joy in it. Now? It’s still back. Sugar lingering in the distance with some things being warmed in the background. So cozy.
wearing black Adidas soccer trainers and a North Face hoodie and a Patagonia shirt, I think. I don’t know, I dress up like a techbro – too techbro for my own good. But it’s comfy.
loving the idea that I get to spend weekend with my significant other. I also love the fact that I am not a nervous wreck anymore because we have officially almost spent two months at my mom’s place to escape the black mold in our old apartment.
wanting to be productive tonight so I can just finish my portfolio.
feeling a little bit hungry. I kind of want to eat something hearty but I want to cook it. I actually find cooking as stress release.

[Originally The Sunday Currently by Sidda Thornton]