The Stoner Currently Vol. 4

smoking Purple Goo from Headwaters bought from Eaze.
rolling on some Backwoods. The stout ones are easier to roll because they’re pretty sticky and don’t need licking.
craving for an adventure. Maybe another run at Moon Gate or something that will make me skinny.
reading an article called From “The Hatred of Poetry” by Ben Lerner
writing some notes on Paradise Lost but I guess I’m reading the Iliad now after getting really mad at the Netflix series Troy: Fall of a City. More notes shall appear and possibly drafting something for my UX / UI project.
listening to the fan and Arvo Paart play alongside each other. I know, I am kind of an uppity cretin.
thinking of things to put on my unfinished UX/ UI project. I planned on doing some UX Sketch exercises because I really like doodling and using diagrams.
smelling my hand. They smell like Rice Krispies.
wearing a white shirt and leggings. I’m watching The Office while wearing it.
loving how I calmed down and learned to accept my failures. I saw a cheesy quote on IG that said success isn’t about hustling — it’s taking your time and giving yourself rest, etc.
feeling hungry, as usual.

[Originally The Sunday Currently by Sidda Thornton]

One Big Slew of Bad Trips

I thought I wasn’t going to smoke weed again.

Last year, we went to this dispensary because of an IG post about a farmers market. I wasn’t really interested in buying their weed since the charm was in the stalls. But after Prop 64 passed and the unavailability of certain permits and permissions hindered their activities, my husband and I decided to try them out and purchased 5 different strains – a gram ( est. $27 per gram) – and one CBD weed.

Now, I want to say that I’d been smoking since I was 15 yrs. old and the only time I had one bad experience was from an edible I took back in college. I’m not a reckless person when it comes to being medicated because I take this as medicine and I’m not just a stoner with a medical recommendation.

Prior to smoking, my mood was very positive. Afterwards the feelings ranged from anxiety with an awful headache to feeling weak and drained with really dry eyes.

I smoke flower because I have crippling anxiety.

People say that good weed makes you cough. The truth is good weed shouldn’t make you cough. All 4 of the non-cbd strains I took made my throat hurt.

I did make a Yelp! review. The response was a slight apology and questioning if I had been taking higher doses. They were courteous enough to let me talk to their general manager and suggested, perhaps, that I try vaping.

The truth? Most vapes, unless they’re from SC Labs, give me headaches because of a lack in THC. Of course I couldn’t reply because Yelp!’s platform was shi… well, it’s Yelp! —

Either way, I believe in the dispensary’s responsibility but I won’t be coming back to buy the weed.