Cannabis Daily — Purple Goo

from Solimar Farms distributed by Headwaters
Genetics: Afghani Goo x Purple Kush

Every time I see the name purple, I think about the purple weed craze. Indica, heavy, and will fuck you up are some of the terms users want to see. But purple weed isn’t always good — in terms of nutrition and growth.

I want my nugs to be green (visually) with some orange hairs that smoke really well. PG seems to fit all of that.


Headwaters’ Purple Goo is purely green with orange hairs and medium sized stems.  The nugs aren’t as chocked full of trichomes — typical mid grow — but when broken it’s crispy and sticky all at the same time.


Purple Goo smells minty and floral all at the same time. There were hints of sour berry smell after the herbal notes kicked in.


As is, PG tastes sweet and flowery like a white tea. It has some powdery, chalky tinge to it like a Flintstone vitamin.

Combusted, PG’s piney notes flourish but quickly dissipate to the normal, bitter notes smoking gives the user.


Positive — it calms the nerves. I wasn’t really as affected by it but my husband seemed to enjoy it. His sleep was good all throughout the night.

Negative — I didn’t get affected as much. But it was a calm experience with no hints of dry eye or cotton mouth.

You can buy Purple Goo and other strains from Headwaters on the Eaze website.


Cannabis Daily — Platinum Scooby Snacks

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.33.59 AM
from Humboldt Farms
Genetics: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG
Hybrid / THC 22 %
Available for purchase on Eaze – Discontinued

When I was new to this country, nobody told me that there was a world beyond Eaze. And I ran into the website by accident because I was looking for employment. Back then, when they still had their own bud, Humboldt Farms was one of their fancy weeds along with Butter Brand — since they were in jars. And Humboldt Farms, being cheaper, was one of my go-tos.

From a measly three strains, after the great fires of NorCal, Eaze expanded their selection and I was hellbent on trying most of them.

Platinum Scooby Snacks comes from PGSC and Face Off OG – both having mild notes and mild undertones rendering the user’s mouth free of resin. Personally, I like non-ganja-y weed because I’m not fond of spitting resin or coughing.


Dark green buds with purple tones coated with orange hairs. To the touch it’s spongy and crispy while sporting dense colas.

Unfortunately, these buds are stemmy. I’m not offended by it, at all, because of the price range — $29, tax not included.


The smell is pungent and reeks of cold brewed coffee scent doused with soy milk. There’s a little hint of mint in there, a little herbal when inhaled the second time.


As is PSS tastes like soy milk mixed with coffee. It’s has a bit of minty biscuit taste mixed with graham cracker sour.

Combusted, it’s cotton candy all throughout before it transforms to having the requisite herbal bitter notes. Spicy? It is kind of spicy which is one of my favorite notes.


PSS grants you tunnel vision. It’s good to work with when a lot of concentration is needed. It doesn’t make me euphoric but it does make happy and calm. I smoked this while I was hungry and I got a little bit of a headache before my body’s convinced that I wasn’t hungry at all.

Over all, taste-wise, I’m not impressed with Platinum Scooby Snacks but the effects are positive for me. This, I would suggest, is good for everyday use because it balances the body.