When to Smoke Your Weed

It’s hard to admit that I have a lot of weed. Not because I’m a hoarder… Yes, because I’m a hoarder. And my mistakes were based on the necessity that I had to find a way to store my weed and consume each strain chronologically. Do I put dates on the weed I buy? Yes. Do I store them accordingly? Yes.

How did I make my medicine last?

I went to the internet and googled “weed storage solutions” and from there I bought what I had to buy.  The steps are simple — 1) find an airtight container 2) keep it away from sunlight. Easy, right?

Not really because some meds have better packaging than others. So the saying, ‘smoke as you buy’ is a truth I had come to realize. And from my experience, I’m listing the best to worst containers cannabis come in —

GLASS JARS – A glass jar with a tint, wrapped, and with a seal is the perfect container for holding weed. It stays fresh for a very long time. The jars also come in handy just in case you want to put other things in them (like joints, lighters, spices, erasers, etc).

AIRTIGHT PLASTIC PACKETS – Since they’re resealable and are actually airtight, your weed can last for months staying in there. The THC doesn’t evaporate quickly as most people would expect from such common containers.

Odd enough, Ziplocks are as good.

POP TOP / PILL BOTTLES – If you like the smell of plastic mixed with your weed, go ahead. But these, I find, are the worst containers ever. These are definitely for people that smoke as they purchase because I’ve tried 3 different dispensaries that sell their nice smelling, frosty buds in those containers and after a few months the smell fades and the quality deteriorates really fast.

The solution for this is to find an old glass jar or buy a hermetically sealed ma jar from Target or Amazon and stuff your weed in there.

Happy smoking!