Cannabis Daily — Platinum Scooby Snacks

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 12.33.59 AM
from Humboldt Farms
Genetics: Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG
Hybrid / THC 22 %
Available for purchase on Eaze – Discontinued

When I was new to this country, nobody told me that there was a world beyond Eaze. And I ran into the website by accident because I was looking for employment. Back then, when they still had their own bud, Humboldt Farms was one of their fancy weeds along with Butter Brand — since they were in jars. And Humboldt Farms, being cheaper, was one of my go-tos.

From a measly three strains, after the great fires of NorCal, Eaze expanded their selection and I was hellbent on trying most of them.

Platinum Scooby Snacks comes from PGSC and Face Off OG – both having mild notes and mild undertones rendering the user’s mouth free of resin. Personally, I like non-ganja-y weed because I’m not fond of spitting resin or coughing.


Dark green buds with purple tones coated with orange hairs. To the touch it’s spongy and crispy while sporting dense colas.

Unfortunately, these buds are stemmy. I’m not offended by it, at all, because of the price range — $29, tax not included.


The smell is pungent and reeks of cold brewed coffee scent doused with soy milk. There’s a little hint of mint in there, a little herbal when inhaled the second time.


As is PSS tastes like soy milk mixed with coffee. It’s has a bit of minty biscuit taste mixed with graham cracker sour.

Combusted, it’s cotton candy all throughout before it transforms to having the requisite herbal bitter notes. Spicy? It is kind of spicy which is one of my favorite notes.


PSS grants you tunnel vision. It’s good to work with when a lot of concentration is needed. It doesn’t make me euphoric but it does make happy and calm. I smoked this while I was hungry and I got a little bit of a headache before my body’s convinced that I wasn’t hungry at all.

Over all, taste-wise, I’m not impressed with Platinum Scooby Snacks but the effects are positive for me. This, I would suggest, is good for everyday use because it balances the body.

Cannabis Daily – Honey Bee

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 2.57.14 PM
Type: Indica
THC: 16.9 %
Genetics: Flo x Biker Bob
From: SPARC SF – Discontinued

When a dispensary provides an extensive digital menu telling you which buds are sun grown and which are hydroponic, the prices make a lot of sense.

Birthed from the collaboration of the legendary DJ Short and Cannabis Cowboy this strain was meant to be a pure Sativa. Although, like most weed out there, different versions happen and you get a hybrid Blue Dream or a pure Sativa to an Indica one. The Honey Bee that I smoked was a pure Indica that retailed for around  $35+ pre-tax. Good, price for good bud, in San Francisco.


Green bud all around with the orange hairs. For me this is a good sign because most Indicas I smoke have a darker, purple hue to them which leads me to believe that I will cough after smoking this.


It’s sweet and creamy — a little bit fruity with hints of earthy present in honey. When something smells kind of like wet rag or striaght up poop, I’ll know I’ll love it. Honey Bee has that and it also has the sweet, pungent smell of fruit emanating from the flower.


As is it tastes like raspberries and something faintly sweet with a fruity undertone. It actually made me salivate as I took in another dry hit and was met by a thick, sweet and earthy note.

Ignited, it tastes herbal and it isn’t as bitter as I expected it. There was a light coating of resin in my throat but not enough to make me want to spit it out.


It doesn’t make you couch bound. It actually convinces the body to rest and when movement occurs there’s no traces of the body wanting to be lazy. This is good for slow activities — perhaps, to be safe, good for indoor use.



Cannabis Daily – Grape Jelly Donut

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 8.26.29 PM.png
Genetics: Birthday Cake x Grape Sherbet
Type: Indica
THC: ???
From: Urban Pharm – Discontinued

Sometimes there’s comfort in knowing that certain dispensaries have consumption licenses. Fortunately, in San Francisco, Urban Pharm has one as well as the Barbary Coast, Apothecarium, and Sparc. It’s hard toking up and being social in a city that barely allows having pets, couples, and smoking while living in a sublet or an apartment.

The truth is Grape Jelly Donut is best enjoyed for indoor use. It is a heavy indica bred from two scrumptious strains — Birthday Cake x Grape Sherbert respectively — that herald a ganja-y notes when smoked.


The nugs were thick, compact, and sticky. There were barely any stems after breaking the thick, spongy flower. This allowed me to just shove it in my metal grinder — a generic Santa Cruz shredder.


Since Urban Pharm, like Connected Cannabis Co. and Purple Star, have pop top plastic containers — the flowers’ smell quickly fades over time. Beyond that it smells sweet and pungent… almost intoxicating like the filling of a jelly doughnut with hints of yeasty sweet fried dough.


As is – It has a sharp hint of mint that dissolves into a rather bitter sweet, almost chocolatey taste. Like a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar — I wouldn’t say this is herbal, it’s more reminiscent of green fruit, dull and absolutely inedible.

Combusted – Bitter and earthy. It’s a ganja type of weed where a thick coat of resin fills the mouth and makes the smoker salivate.


Grape Jelly Donut is for people that love being couch bound. It takes away the anxiety by making the user knock out. Unlike Birthday Cake it doesn’t make you crave for anything. It actually dulls the taste buds but provides a little appetite.

Will I smoke this again? Maybe. But I need to get used to it.